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Our mission is to provide best-in-class, clinically tested ingredients for your supplements.

Nutra Bridge Advantage

Nutra Bridge represents innovative ingredients that help marketers of dietary supplements and functional foods create best in class finished products.  Our mission is to offer cutting edge, branded, and patented ingredients that are backed by world-class science supporting efficacy and safety.

Our key goal is to add value to the supply chain by discovering  and assisting in the creation of unique ingredients that meet the needs of the market.

We specialize in developing new customers for each ingredient we offer by focusing on companies that value and require a strong scientific backbone for new product development and claims support.

Nutra Bridge Ingredients

Our innovative product portfolio includes:

Peak ATP®


Explore each of these ingredients in more detail via the link to each manufacturers’ websites.

"The Ketone Advantage"

Key Benefits of KETOVANTAGE®?

KETOVANTAGE® provides energy to fuel the human brain, skeletal and cardiac muscles. Supplementing with KETOVANTAGE® can help accelerate ketosis, provide the benefits of elevated blood ketone levels, and enhance ketones-adaptation—with or without following a ketogenic diet.

"The Optimized MCT"

Key Benefits of C8VANTAGE™?

C8VANTAGE™ is a revolutionary medium-chain triglyceride that maximizes the production of ketones and delivers increased energy, mental clarity, appetite control and performance.

"Train Stronger"

Key Benefits of PEAK ATP®?

PEAK ATP® (Adenosine 5’-Triphosphate (ATP) Disodium) is a revolutionary pre-workout ingredient that significantly increases strength and power, aids recovery, reduces fatigue and improves blood flow.

"Strength, Recovery, Endurance"

Key Benefits of myHMB®?

myHMB® (B-hydroxy-B-methylbutyrate) reduces exercise induced muscle tissue damage and increases protein synthesis.  Consumers will gain increased strength, endurance and recovery.

"World’s Best Blueberry Powder"

Key Benefits of AuroraBlue®?

AuroraBlue® is a proprietary complex of Alaska Vaccinium berry species hand-picked from Alaska rainforests and tundra. This wild crafted, organic certified product offers up to 10x the bioactive compounds than other blueberry powders.

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